Bert Stern died in 2013 just as I was starting work on Focus, in which he plays a leading role as the one of the most significant fashion photographers of the 1960s. By the time of his death, forty years after a drug-induced nervous breakdown that ended his decade-long run at Vogue, Stern’s fashion work had been mostly forgotten, overwhelmed by the notoriety of his famous “last sitting” with Marilyn Monroe. Since his death, Stern’s widow and heir, Shannah Laumeister, and his children by his first wife, the prima ballerina Allegra Kent, have been fighting over his estate in New York Surrogate’s Court. Sources now tell Gripepad that the estate brawl has ended and in exchange for a significant settlement to his son and two daughters, Stern’s life’s work will reside in a trust controlled by Laumeister. Among those images are the shot at left of David Bailey and Veruschka that appeared on the cover of Model, and the one at right of Veruschka and actor David Hemmings, that inspired a famous scene in in the Antonioni film Blow-up. Its story, Stern’s, and Bailey’s are all among those told in Focus, out July 5th.