Extell’s West 57th Street condo-hotel One57, home of Hurricane Sandy’s dangling boom of doom, has been an (un-)favorite of Gripepad’s since its damn-the-context design was first revealed. The Towering Infernal was in the news again yesterday, when London’s Telegraph revealed that the latest Chinese buyer in the building had gone into contract on a $6.5 million unit for a two-year old in anticipation of the child’s enrollment in college sixteen or so years from now. As I noted in Newsweek earlier this year, realty insiders have already nicknamed the building Chinatown. But with China’s new leadership cracking down on the gluttony of its ascendent upper class, some of whom are presumably stashing their money (as well as their kids) in the condo, will these sales ever close? And granted the snail’s pace of work on the still-unenclosed tower since Sandy, will the building ever open? Developer Gary Barnett of Extell likely savors the words of Confucius these days, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”