Just caught up with Justin Davidson‘s December 1 New York magazine column, “Who Wants A Super-Tall Skyline,” in which he again damns many of Manhattan’s new super-tall towers, most notably, Extell’s One57 on West 57th Street, a favorite whipping post of this blog. This time, Davidson calls the blue phallic-shaped tower “disastrous,” adding “that a fellow architect [of its creator, Pritzker Prize winner Christian de Portzamparc] surmised he must be a socialist pranking the plutocrats.” I’d like to know why Portzamparc didn’t take his name off developer Gary Barnett‘s erectus horribilis. A well-placed source tells me the architect had some issues with the way his original design was realized. That wouldn’t surprise me. I don’t, however, wonder why no one but Davidson has dared call it as we all, unfornately, have to see it. All those magazine ads for Extell’s developments no doubt place the company above criticism from the brave souls in modern media. Which would make Barnett the Ralph Lauren of development. My only criticism of Davidson: not mentioning how Barnett aped Fifteen Central Park West’s marketing, but not its respect for its visual context.