“Almost alone among writers who chronicle the rich and glittering in New York,[Michael Gross] doesn’t write books that endear him to his subjects,” writes Jesse Kornbluth on Headbutler today. “Does he get asked to chic dinners at the homes of the 1%? I’m thinking it rarely happens. I’m thinking he doesn’t care….Now, we have Focus: The Secret, Sexy, Sometimes Sordid World of Fashion Photographers…Many of the photographers he profiles are dead. If not, they might die of embarrassment — or would, if they could assess their behavior in a context that resembles life as you and I experience it….Focus is two books in one. The first is a terrific, serious, exhaustively complete history of post-World War II fashion photography, media and the fashion industry….The second book is attention-getting and borderline disturbing….Did I enjoy that second book? From time to time. The first book? I marked and underlined like crazy.”