Inside Edition’s story on House of Outrageous Fortune, “America’s most fabulous apartment building,” in the show’s words, aired last night in most of America, and will be seen tomorrow in New York. I love it when I stumble over Lloyd Blankfein‘s name and call him Lord Blankfein. Watch it after the jump….CORRECTIONS: I made two other errors in the piece. Google exec Omid Kordestani‘s apartment has two exposures, not three. It’s not easy keeping 201 apartments straight in your mind! And a spokesperson for Gordon “Sting” Sumner (or Der Stingle, as I like to think of him) and spouse Trudie Styler, says the employee who told me they installed a private elevator between the floors of his duplex is mistaken. Though the Sumners wouldn’t speak to me when I was reporting the book, I’ll take their word for it, and delete the offending lift in future printings.