“With every page, Gross exposes intimate details… to illustrate the fascinating history of this venerable institution,” Silvana Paternostro writes in “The Making of the Met” in the new issue of Poder, the leading Latino magazine in the Americas. “He tells the stories of the men and women who form the inner sanctum of wealth and power, how those who are at the pinnacle of New York society got to be there — by maneuvering marriage and money, by hook or by crook. The book is more like two books: one is the straight gossip of the who’s who with all the antic details of tabloid journalism. The other is a serious document of social history, exhaustively researched and meticulously crafted… Even if you’ve been to the museum many times before, the stories Gross tells make you want to return immediately. The tales are so compelling that instead of trying to downplay this book, the museum should be selling it in its gift shop.”