Speaking of the depressing decline of American glossy magazines (see this link and the post just below), as the hype over Ralph Lauren‘s 40th Anniversary builds to a cacophonous crescendo, with more mags paying cover-tribute obeisance to his advertising budget, er, fashion consequence, than ever before (since at least 2002), I hope I’ll be excused if I take this opportunity for a little egregious self-promotion of my own (ad budget= $0). My biography of the American designer, Genuine Authentic: The Real Life of Ralph Lauren, is still in print five years after it was first published. It’s the book the Washington Post called “Shamelessly dishy… delightfully attuned to irony, and Lauren’s life story is full of it.” And the New York Times’ hard-to-please critic Cathy Horyn wrote that it, “hack(s) through the hype and half-truths… A work of impressive reporting… Mr.. Gross tells an engaging story.” If you prefer the slow wet kisses of ad-hungry glossies, you’ll probably want to skip it. But if you want the truth, it’s out there, for less than you’ll pay for a T-shirt at a Polo outlet. Hi-yo, Silver, and away!