Liz Smith‘s gossip column, which is syndicated across the country (here it is in the Worcester Telegram) and appears daily on New York Social Diary, leads with House of Outrageous Fortune today. “Michael Gross is a delightful guy who has made the privacy-mad 1% of New York crazy because he investigates and tells their many secrets,” she writes. “This is called a scandal in some sections; journalistic excellence in others. You run into his byline everywhere and some people run for the hills….Gross calls 15 “the latest nail in Society’s coffin,” for it’s a high example of the axiom ‘money talks and bullshit walks.’ Michael Gross goes back, delving into the history of all the dwelling places of the rich and socials — keeping Jews out of this and that, falling prey to rich showbiz or celeb types like Denzel Washington, Sting, Norman Lear, Alex Rodriguez, NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon, Russian and Chinese oligarchs, top execs from the Internet age. This is the history of luxury building in New York, of greed and ostentation–and ‘I told you so!'”