Does the Metropolitan Museum of Art practice censorship behind the scenes? After its recent, fabulous, sex-charged show of German art of the 1920s, Glitter and Doom, you wouldn’t think so, but arts journalist Judith H. Dobrzynski says otherwise. A new book, Museum: Behind the Scenes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Danny Danziger, described by its publisher as “oral history at its best” has apparently been delayed and given a thorough cleansing after an “uproar at 1000 Fifth Avenue” when galleys were sent to the museum employees and trustees who’d been authorized to speak to Danziger by the Met’s administration. I don’t know what got cut in the “scissors job” that followed, as Dobrzynski calls it, but there weren’t many eyebrow-raisers in the sweet, earnest, unexpurgated version I read. Longtime trustee and benefactress Jayne Wrightsman, for instance, said almost nothing in the two pages she was originally allotted that have now reportedly disappeared. “I very much miss the museum when I am away from it,” was a typical Jayne gem. Kind of makes you long for an unauthorized book about the Met, doesn’t it?