According to Wikipedia, only one known photo of the Belgian-born Paris-based designer Martin Margiela exists, taken in 1997 by Marcio Madeira but never officially verified. Here’s a second, taken by me (so I can vouch for its veracity) in Fall 1989 at the second Margiela show I covered in what I understood to be a derelict playground on the outskirts of Paris. It’s one of a huge trove of photos I used as notes for my New York magazine column, The Cutting Edge, and then tossed in a box. They ended up forgotten until I found them again not long ago. Many in the photos are now dead. Margiela is allegedly retired, though his label lives on (as does Iggy Pop, whose face is on Margiela’s T-Shirt). If anyone wants to show these pictures of a long-past, more innocent time in fashion, let me know!