Institutions are run by individuals who sometimes fail to live up to what’s best about them. In an AP story making the rounds today about the latest class-action lawsuit accusing the leaders of the august Metropolitan Museum of Art of cowing and gouging visitors and violating the terms of its lease, MMA spokesman Harold Holzer (referred to as the Met’s Minister of Propaganda by one rogue curator) shows its administration’s thin skin when faced with insufficient reverence, calling the suit an “insupportable nuisance.” History repeats itself. Holzer criticized Rogues’ Gallery, too, calling it “highly misleading,” but failed to point out a single error. Now, he claims the museum’s policy of Pay What You Wish But You Must Pay Something has had city approval for decades, but has yet to support his claim with any proof of that approval. Gripepad hears FOIA requests have been made to the city, asking such proof be produced. The request may be in vain, though. A FOIA request failed to produce any records explaining what happened when future museum vice-chairman Annette de la Renta (then Anne France Mannheimer) and her mother Jane, who’d soon become both Mrs. Charles Engelhard (pictured) and an MMA trustee, were detained at U.S. immigration as “aliens held for special inquiry” on their arrival here. Information isn’t always free–at least not when it’s about the powerful. But you can read all about the origins of both pay-what-you-wish and the Mannheimer/Engelhard women in Rogues’ Gallery. Buy it here.