originalTwo and a half years ago, long before Kimye was a glimmer in Anna Wintour‘s eye for fashion, I wrote a column called “Discarding the Kards,” wondering what the rise of a certain reality-TV family meant, and bemoaning the “Culture of Stupid” they symbolized. Last week, those chickens came home to roost, as evidenced by a brilliant New York Post story (click photo to read). “I’d like to find a glimmer of light in the Kardarkness,” I observed in 2011. “Just as Occupy Wall Street spontaneously erupted to counterbalance the Tea Party, some savvy publisher, looking for new pools of revenue, could rediscover the aching need for gimlet-eyed views of the hidden and unfamous, the secret hands that operate the levers of power. Wouldn’t it be nice if that happened before we are all too dumbed-down to care?” I doubt I was the first to say it, but I’m glad I did.