Owlwood, the Holmby Hills mega-estate made up of homes once owned by stars like Rudy Vallee, Engelbert Humperdinck, Jayne Mansfield, Tony Curtis and Cher, has reportedly been sold, says the indefatigable LA realty blogger, Your Mama of The Realestalker. Its current owner, Dawn Arnall, is the widow of Roland, a subprime mortgage banking billionaire. As featured in The Hollywood Reporter (at right) the whole story of the estate–allegedly listed for $150 million, but reportedly sold for something closer to half that–is told in my last book, Unreal Estate. Writes the red-hot Mama, “It could be that this is all just a lot of hot property air and that nothing will come of the juicy rumors about Owlwood’s pending sale. We’ll just have to put on our patience caps and wait and see, right?”