“He lays off 6,000 grocery store employees but details about his life are [a] ‘tragic invasion of privacy’?” says an email I got this morning from a reader of the New York Post’s latest excerpt from House of Outrageous Fortune. This time, the focus has shifted from hookers and holdouts to one of the most powerful and heretofore secretive apartment owners in 15CPW’s hedgie hive, the billionaire “activist” investor Barry Rosenstein. The pages on him “so infuriated the hedge funder that he complained to the building’s management,” the Post reveals, calling the book “a tragic violation of privacy.” The Chicago Tribune’s Melissa Harris recently speculated that a $300 million investment in the Safeway chain by Rosenstein’s JANA Partners led to the closing of 70 local grocery stores and the loss of 6,000 jobs. He’s since bought the most expensive private home in America and gone hunting for a new $60 million apartment. Way to stay under the radar, Mr. Rosenstein.