June Dyson, 101, who lived at 740 Park Avenue for 41 years, died earlier this month. She was the widow of Charles Dyson, a public-school educated leveraged buyout specialist who put together a conglomerate in the 1950s and 1960s and then became a public official and philanthropist. He also served on the building’s board, and married June, who’d managed Rockefeller money, when she was 72 and he was 80, after each of their first spouses died. “I really have nothing to say to you,” she told me when I called and asked for an interview for the book. “We’re a quiet little building.” Her home, apartment 2/3C overlooking East 71st Street, cost $375,000 in 1979. If recent sales are any indication, her two stepsons can expect to sell it for about seventy times that sum.