Apartment 8A at Fifteen Central Park West is in contract for $35 million, reports Donna Olshan of Olshan Realty, which issues a weekly report on contracts signed for New York apartments selling for $4 million or more. As usual, count on Gripepad to name names. The seller, lurking behind an LLC called Swiftsure Property, and soon to slightly more than double his $17 million investment on the four bedroom, 4,565 square foot spread, is Gerald E. Ross, a litigator and name partner in Fryer & Ross, a firm that specializes in “sophisticated litigation and arbitration in the areas of insurance coverage, securities regulation, RICO, protection of high technology intellectual property rights and partnership law, particularly as it relates to lawyers and their former law firms,” according to its web site. Ross, who moonlights as a condominium investor, also owns unit 8B next door, for which he paid just over $11 million.