Two of my fellow alumnae from Vassar College (hence the headline, above, which refers to the school’s traditional greeting), publisher Judith Regan and the media gadfly Michael Wolff, are engaged in a colorful public dispute which, given their, ahem, outgoing personalities, is likely to provide tabloid readers with plenty of entertainment in months to come. Having been out of town, I only caught up to it today via this Gawker item. Suffice it to say that in announcing her plan to sue Wolff, Reagan said the following: “Michael Wolff has been obsessed with me and my sex life for close to 30 years. I’m finally going to give him what he wants – he’s going to get [bleeped] by Judith Regan.” I included some equally colorful comments from the quotable Ms. Regan in an article on divorce lawyers in 1999. You can read that here.
UPDATE: The full text of Rush & Molloy‘s column on Regan v. Wolff is here. Wolff’s even longer response is here. In it, he wonders what lawyer would represent her in a suit against him since she allegedly failed to pay her last one. But that last one agreed to represent her after she called several others who had “avaricious, conniving, and vicious” and “the best Devil in Hell” in my divorce piece. One thing you can count on (besides the entertainment value of this cat fight): lawyers are like streetcars. There’s always another one coming down the road to meet you.