Jim Romenesko of poynter.org’s medianews has just broken the news that my sister, Jane Gross, is one of the reporters taking the latest buyout from the New York Times. I’ve known about it, of course, but couldn’t say so until she did, and now she has. What she didn’t say, and I’m happy to say it for her, is that she was the first woman reporter ever in an NBA locker room while she was at Newsday; broke the story of the existence of crack; was one of the earliest reporters on the AIDS beat, and in that capacity was the first person to use the term anal sex in the Times (now there’s something to be be proud of); was the Times San Francisco bureau chief for seven years, a Knight Fellow at Stanford, and has six Pulitzer Prize nominations under her belt that I know of (for stories on crack, AIDS, the last San Fran earthquake; and autism and for the “children of shadows” series) and has been a pioneer in writing about elder care and the elderly for the last year. Makes me wonder what I’m doing with MY life!!! CORRECTION: As the New York Observer‘s John Koblin points out the family legend crossed out above about Jane’s pioneering use of language doesn’t hold up to fact-checking. As far back as 1973, the term was employed by Nora Sayre in an article called, amusingly enough, “Ahh!!” on the book The Joy of Sex. I don’t want to dig further back than that. Mea culpa.