In today’s New York Times, George Vecsey writes on the baseball great Don Newcombe and mentions a story about Newcombe by my father, the late Milton Gross, who was a sports columnist for the New York Post for about thirty years, calling it “one of the great sports columns of that or any other era.” It led to me search for that 1956 column online — it was a bit before my time — and though I couldn’t find it, I did find a chunk of it in an article I’d never seen before, “Magazine Writing: The Curse of Tom Wolfe,” in an archive of the Columbia Journalism Review. Its author, Michael Shapiro wrote, “Milton Gross was doing the literary thing a full six years before the young and eager [Tom] Wolfe opened a copy of Esquire to find Gay Talese employing the very same device in his profile of the aging Joe Louis — a trick of the pen, as it were, so seemingly revolutionary that it left Wolfe panting: ‘What inna namea christ is this … ‘”

Not bad, dad.