genuine smallYesterday, when the news that Ralph Lauren was stepping down as CEO of Polo/Ralph Lauren first broke, I put up a Facebook post linked to the New York Times report, noting with astonishment that the newspaper of record said Lauren had never had a business partner aside from Roger Farah, who came along late in the Polo game and recently retired. Lauren not only had a partner, the late Peter Strom, who was instrumental in creating the Polosphere, his role was noted in the New York Times in a 1987 article on fashion partnerships by this reporter, “In Search of the Perfect Angel.” It quotes Lauren saying of the man he called his best friend, who sat in an adjoining office, “I needed someone I felt was knowledgeable, honest and dependable.” Lauren added: “The relationship is what you would hope partners would have. When I’m not there, there is no fear the place will fall apart. And I look forward to seeing him in the morning.” In a comment on my Facebook page, author Dana Thomas asked, “Who reads clips anymore?” Good question. Strom’s story is told in detail in Genuine Authentic (pictured).