15 weill penthouse
In recent days, as one generally-respected news source, Rolling Stone, has reminded us that respectability and trustworthiness are different things, two more news organizations, The New York Times and The New York Review of Books, have both stated as fact that the buyer of an $88 million penthouse at 15 Central Park West in 2011 was the then 22-year-old daughter of Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev. Both reports appear to be based on otherwise unsupported claims made, respectively, by one of Rybolovlev’s spokesmen to a Wall Street Journal reporter, and by one of his lawyers to a New York Times reporter. But those claims were made in the midst of contentious divorce litigation in which Rybolovlev’s estranged wife Elena Rybolovleva accused him of trying to hide his fortune from her through, among other things, purchases of luxury real estate. The Journal was told the 15CPW buy was made by a company “associated with” Rybolovlev’s elder daughter, Ekaterina Rybolovelva, the Times that the buyer was a trust “linked to” her. As those weasel words, now apparently forgotten, indicated, the real story is less clear but more interesting. It is told in House of Outrageous Fortune’s account of the limited liability company, Property NY 100-11 LLC, that actually owns the apartment. Note, too, that Rybolovlev’s wife and accuser subsequently won custody of their younger daughter and a settlement of more than $4.5 billion in what her lawyer called “the most expensive divorce in history.” Apparently, the Swiss court hearing her divorce found the former Mrs. Rybolovleva’s account somewhat credible.