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My Generation: Cast of Characters

Fifty Years of Sex, Drugs, Rock, Revolution, Glamour, Greed Valor Faith and Silicon Chips

The nineteen baby boomers whose stories are told in My Generation are:

Cynthia Bowman, who ran away from home in 1967, aged 17, to San Francisco, fell in love and had a child with Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane, and today runs one of the city’s best-known public relations firms;

Steve Capps, a high school nerd who discovered computers while working for Xerox, co-wrote the graphic user interface for Macintosh computers, and is now a software architect at Microsoft;

Jim Fouratt, a hippie turned yippie! turned gay activist and new music impresario;

Michael Fuchs, the lawyer who turned Home Box Office into a media powerhouse, before he was fired and became a multimillionaire semi-retiree;

John Gage, a Berkeley Free Speech Movement activist who is now the chief evangelist for Sun Microsystems;

Nina Hartley, a red-diaper baby who grew up into a bisexual feminist porno superstar;

Victoria Leacock, the daughter of documentarian Richard Leacock, who spent her formative years at Studio 54 before becoming an AIDS activist;

Barbara Ledeen, a collegiate Marxist turned right-wing conspirator, the director of the Independent Women’s Forum;

David McIntosh, an Indiana Eagle Scout who became a leading Gingrich-era conservative congressman, and is now running for Governor of Indiana;

Doug Marlette, who was raised a racist in the Deep South, but became a leading liberal, a Friend of Bill (Clinton) and a Pulitzer-winning political cartoonist;

Mark Rudd, the leader of the Columbia University insurrection of 1968, who became a Weather Underground fugitive, and now lives quietly as a vocational school teacher;

Tim Scully, apprentice to the legendary LSD chemist Owsley Stanley, a convicted felon who now works as a software designer;

Cameron Sears, a young environmental activist who became the manager of the Grateful Dead;

Russell Simmons, a ghetto pot dealer who grew up to become the reigning king of hip-hop and a renowned urban culture entrepreneur;

Leslie Crocker Snyder, a Radcliffe preppie turned hanging judge in New York City;

Kathryn Bond Stockton, a Fundamentalist Jesus freak turned leading Queer Theorist, and the head of the English graduate studies department at the University of Utah;

Donald Trump, a one-time military school cadet captain turned billionaire developer and Ur-Yuppie;

Thomas Vallely, a Silver Star winner in the Vietnam-era Marine Corps, who is now an Asian redevelopment expert, and

Marianne Williamson, a former wild child, who worked as a cabaret singer before she blossomed into fame as a spiritual leader.