After a devastating fire a few weeks ago, the world’s richest apartment building, 740 Park, is now being cloaked in 184 linear feet of sidewalk shed. Why? A source with detailed knowledge of the 1929 building’s woes says that after chunks of limestone fell from its facade last July, causing the FDNY to rush there, it was determined that some of the metal brackets that hold the massive stone blocks in place “are rusting, and as it rusts, it swells and pops the limestone, causing pieces to fall.” The source adds, “They have to do probes on the limestone [and] might have to re-clad the building at a cost of $100 million.” That would likely trigger an assessment of about $3 million per apartment. Lucky thing the “poor” residents of 740 (many of whom, including David and Julia Koch, are currently said to be living at The Mark Hotel nearby while remediating fire damage) can afford it. Before the frogs and locusts arrive, cue the world’s smallest violins for a chorus of rich people’s problems.